The internet has handed us the reins for the first time when it comes to customizing, controlling, targeting, and measuring advertising campaigns for dental professionals. Gone are the days where your dental practice would spend tens of thousands of dollars on TV, radio, and print ads – and not be able to measure if those efforts were working. Online advertising for dental professionals through channels like Google, Facebook, YouTube, online streaming services, and other websites allows us to reach the most relevant audiences when they’re considering certain topics or displaying certain behaviors.

Online Advertising Services We Provide

Google Advertising for Dentists

Consumers turn to Google more than any other platform when they need… anything. From shopping to trip planning to researching topics like dental procedures, search engines give the consumer the power to get the answers they’re looking for and compare the competition. For dentists, this provides a great opportunity to reach consumers right when they need you the most and are expressing those intentions online.

Facebook and Social Media Advertising for Dentists

Through Facebook’s ability to track user behavior, as well as geographic targeting, and even retargeting consumers that have already been to your website, it and many other social media channels have created a highly focused platform for delivering customized messaging at the right time to the right people; keeping your dental practice top of mind when they’re ready to schedule an appointment.

Reporting and Maximizing Your Return on Investment

Unlike any other form of advertising, online advertising allows you to see and understand who your ads are reaching, which demographics cost the most to reach, which audiences are engaging with your ads and which are not, and how those audiences are converting and becoming new patients. With this information, we can continue to optimize ad messaging, targeting, budgeting, and ad delivery to increase results affordably.
Let our team of dental marketing professionals work with you to create an online advertising strategy that works.

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