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Running a dental practice is more than just delivering amazing dental care. Your online reputation also has an impact on your practice’s revenue. What others say about you and your practice and what you say in response matters since patients rely on reviews when they are choosing their dentist. Every day, current and potential patients are talking about your practice on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Yelp, and other Online Directories. Do not make the mistake of ignoring your online reputation management!

Reputation Management Strategy from Day One gives you control over your online reputation by helping to increase the number of reviews and comments from your patients, knowing what they are saying about your practice, and allowing you to join the conversation. Depending on your practice management software, we can set up a service that will automatically send review requests to your patients. We also create personalized responses that show the reviewers you are listening and value their feedback.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Build a positive online brand experience

Know what your patients are saying about your practice on review sites and social networks

Engage reviewers with customized HIPAA compliant responses that are posted upon your approval

Increase your number of reviews

Let patients know that you care and that their opinions are heard

Strengthen relationships with your patients

See how your online reputation compares to your competition

Improve a key factor in your local search rankings

Why should I respond to reviews?

When you respond to reviews, you show the reviewer and all those who read the review in the future that you are paying attention.
Responding to a positive review shows your gratitude and can be as simple as “Thank you”.
Responding to negative reviews allows you to encourage the reviewer to reach out to you offline for further discussion. You may not be able to persuade the negative reviewer to remove or revise the review, but you can show future readers your professionalism, integrity, and compassion in your response.

Let our team of dental marketing professionals work with you to monitor, manage and build your online reputation today!

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